What it takes to be a Himachali!

Its certainly not the dope which most people think constitutes a Himachali; its not just chiseled look and fairness; its not 60s/70s hair makeup; its not the punk makeover; its definitely not the baggy jeans and shady looks. That is merely a cult not the culture.

The thing that designates an individual to be Himachali is something like someone getting amused at peaks still dreaming to get on the higher edge.

A Himachali is someone who gets comfortable if followed by gentility that too in most counteracting times.

A Himachali is someone getting amused by the music created by nature like sprinkle of water, echos of birds through valleys, rustling of dry leaves, chorus by insects.

A Himachali is the person getting natural blush in antiquity of hot sun light.

A Himachali is that one veteran sitting beside road and introspecting every vehicle passing.

A Himachali is the gentleman helping you way before you asked for.

A Himachali is the one who is dancing on Nati and bowing its head for super mighty.

A Himachali is someone who shreds the ego in fastest rapids of rivers.

Himachal is name of place where every highest point is marked by GOD’s existence.

A Himachali is a little girl giving most enthusiastic look to anything obvious and new.

A Himachali is a young girl who doesn’t claim about her beauty despite of having it in abundance.

Himachalis are the mass of ecstatic smiling people in Mela.

A Himachali is a person celebrating every little happiness.

A Himachali is someone who amuses and confides its pain.

A Himachali is someone who shares every bit of pain that nature is undergoing.

A Himachali is someone who is more happy in rural rites than urban cult.

A Himachali is someone synthesizing and syncing itself in Nagadas.

A Himachali is someone who hold the one on his shoulder, who holds whole world that too bare footed(Devta Processions).

A Himachali is a young guy who climb mighty mountains just to interact with Horizon where other are dazed and confused guessing what it gives and what it takes.

A Himachali is the one singing in grasslands while moving with its cattle. The sound of singing of whom just subsides in the intersecting mountains

Himachali is a brave boy moving his grandparents over his back that too in erect elevations.</p><p>A Himachali is the one who is on death bed but still smiling and hiding sheer pain under its tough skin.</p>Himachali is the adjective given to people who share and dare; who prayer with feet bare; who care and are always fare; who hope for the best, who rarely take rest; who are shy but they never lie; who are humble but they never stumble; who are sweet and pretty neat; who are patriotic but never the chaotic; who are beautiful and dutiful; who are hardworking do stuff breathtaking; who feel but they never steal, so its the best deal something very real.

I am proud to be a Himachali!

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