The Wanderlust

The Wanderlust – Jodhpur, Ajmer & Pushkar

May be, this will be one of the briefest accounts of any travel experience with these three cities, in Rajsthan. But you ought to share your true experiences, so here it is. I don’t want to put up a story right from Ajmer’s streets to Mehrangarh’s fort, but yes, I would like to mention the unique observations and special moments of this small journey.


  • You do find a lot of ‘gareeb‘ outside Gareeb Nawaz, and the scars on their bellies(through which their one kidney have been taken out) is clear and very common among all men.
  • In two giant cauldrons inside entrance of Mosque,  you will find that people have also dedicated their mobile phones.

Pushker – One more home to Israelis in India.


  • Just after entering Jodhpur you always see Mehrangarh fort in the middle of city, it seems like virtual reality where giant fort looks very animatedly put in between.
  • Get a little bit closer to Mehrangarh and it reminds the scene of Dark Kinght Rises, which has actually been shot just beneath Mehrangarh fort only.
  • One of the best maintained and clean fort in India.

You do find vibrant, attractive colors very prominent in Rajsthan. They absolutely love colors, no surprises, there is Blue city, Pink city and Golden city in this one state only.  Pink and blood red is very prominent in dresses, but yellow also fits well with red in Safas/pagdi.

Parda system came to India because of Mughals, that’s what audio guide of Mehrangarh says. Indians tried to wade off their evil eye by forcing Parda.  Last Mughal died a long before now, but surprisingly Parda still exists, and you do find it conspicuous in Rajsthan.

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    Ankur Bindal
    December 20, 2013 at 7:17 am

    Good work …….. Looking for some more pics and the stories linked of these cities with the most famous places other than these……

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