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The trail of Ganga

The trail of Ganga

Why have I done this, I don’t know, may be a result of unfathomable uprising within, which has been growing for a long time now, while I was wandering over the woods, meadows, fields, sea-shores and the rivers. Wandering in the search of usual and unusual patterns for months Sandpaper rubbed images of Google Earth were just enough to keep that mild spark alive. The rejuvenation of creativity which was constantly marred by mundanity of urban life. But marvelous nature of the nature can not be undermined. The Ganga, more than a river for Bharteeya(INDIANs), living in abundance around our lives.

A part of prayer, also as a part with prayer, no Hindu prayer is complete without it’s holy submission. Ganga originating from the Himalayas, keep on flourishing the humanity with its serene flow. It has added colors in otherwise plane dry plains of India. Making it’s route through mountains, towns, fields, it joins many in the way, before finally disappearing in the bay of Bengal. This is my artistic and awful journey with Ganga, a journey so different, meant to unfold the beauty and awe within and outside river Ganga. All the pictures have been taken from Google earth.


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