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The ‘Ethos’ Diary: Styling

From where did I get the push to write today?

One more trap in the glue of complacency and monotonic routine(Brought to you by Covid 19), certainly sponsored by the lack of innovative intentions. It was a hard one to get like a pumping heart’s beats out. But not everything is bad. It’s universal to all of us that we are managing daily chores ourselves, what else, oh yes cooking, opening youtube like a SOP manual and taking mental notes of time of baking, cooking, amount and testing the taste. A ‘personal’ addition for me is listening more often to Audible and adding a little more financial knowledge in my portfolio.

Okay, back to the question of the reason behind the forces which made me write this snippet after ages. I think I have felt it before. It’s doing something instrumental or substantial, pretty much similar to what traveling does to you, that is breaking the daily dreaded wheel of life; gives you empirical intelligence(intentionally used as I learned it from a book on Audible 😛 ). It pushes you to do some long pending tasks or answers the wobbly questions lying in your bucket of procrastination, which otherwise are trapped inside the noodles of your bowl. For me it is getting a haircut in the time of Corona, which is a big task these days, Corona has made me realize the importance of small tiny things, but I won’t talk more on Corona for now, there is a separate article for this.



I always find Styling complex, mainly because it doesn’t always work on SOPs. It also needs a lot of sense, experience and dexterous capabilities. I rate myself below average in styling after doing it from last 4 months for my commercial photography assignments. But I will surely say I have gained something in the ‘sense’ and ‘experience’ part, thanks to Pinterest. But now I have developed a lot of respect for all the stylists I have worked with. Now I know for being a stylist you got to have a choice, you can’t do it like a job. Kudos to all the Stylists!

I want to share the learning experience I had for styling in my recent assignments. If you don’t have any options available to do something, then you will have to do it yourself, I will say it was like earning a new forced ability. So please go through these points if you want to embark upon the styling thing.

  • Understand the texture of material(especially the fabric), it may happen you device a placement visually or see it somewhere, but you are totally helpless during its execution.

  • Secondly, place your object to showcase its USP

  • Thirdly, DETAILS, it helps to showcase the aesthetics of your stuff.

  • Fourthly, theme of the arrangement, which you set on the basis of the objective of collection or brand.

  • Be aligned with your client on your work, as you are not sailing the boat alone, its their boat you are sailing.

  • Do the research before you start the work

  • Finally, bookmark or piggy-bank the cool ideas whenever you get them, it will surely save your efforts in future.

So start pinning those mood-boards now!!

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