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    The Wanderlust

    The Wanderlust: Kamrunaag and Naina Devi(Rewalsar)

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    हिमाचल प्रदेश, सदियों पहले यहाँ पहाड़ केवल कुछ जनजातियों और ऋषियों की तपोभूमि थे। इन मंदिरों की मान्यता और धार्मिक आस्था के कारण अक्सर लोग कई कठिनाइयों का सामना करके इन्हे श्रधांजली अर्जित करते हैं।

    Not the electronic Antennas by Ashish on


    In the middle of Himachal lies District Mandi. I remembered from my childhood days, that Mandi was known for news about Wild animals(Wild cats & Bears) hurting villagers. And I had these hazy visuals of its very dens forests in my mind. So, I was curious enough to look these places for real when we decided to visit Kamrunaag

    Indeed a curiosity, which is not the most active thing in falling 20s.

    A scene from the tales of Womderland by Ashish on

    The Journey starts from Delhi. Like all engineering graduates from Himachal, we’re also here for livelihood, but keeping most of the heart in hills. I don’t know for everyone, but my dream is still alive, to go back and live in hills, forever. We were in a HRTC Kinnaur Bus, which was heading towards Sangla.

    Now, you know these Badass Kinnaur route HRTC drivers could be known as “Special 26” (HP26 is Nichar RTO and HP25 is Kalpa  number for vehicles).


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