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    Walks to Remember: Qutb-Minar!

    Walks to Remember: Qutb-Minar!

    Walks to Remember is a new series to aggregate my photographic experiences, which I’ve started doing every Saturday morning.
    I started these walks to kindle the much needed learning sessions in my photography. They say you always have to utilize the Golden hours, that is the reason I have chosen mornings.

    Though this episode is second in the series chronologically, but I was excited enough to put it first.
    Qutb-Minar is the first image that comes in mind, when you hear Delhi. It has really become an emblem of Delhi. All the government post-cards, tickets and posters have it on them.

    I entered Qutb-Minar at 6:45AM. I was the first visitor, and it was so fresh there with mist on the grass, first sun-shine cruising through fog, golden sun-shine on Minaret and birds chirping allover. I think it’s the best time to visit any monumental place,  and this is a big realization that came through my mind. I really tried to capture it from all angles possible.
    It really takes your attention to the past, when this 79m tall minaret would have been erected. Rest these photographs say!