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    Photo Essay

    The C J’s!

    The Cubs Juniors


    I admit, I have this kitten thing in me, visualizing their(kitten) innocent, heart melting instincts bring instant smile, and a wave of relaxation in my body. It may seem kiddish to few people or gibberish to others. But this is something which is deep inside my heart and what I am trying to express. Kittens are the cutest moving objects on earth. I haven’t seen anything else more innocent and instinctive like them. Their twinkling eyes, their attention to even the tiniest of subtleties around them, transform them to the most pleasing subjects. May be, this will be one of the briefest accounts of my observations and expressions of kittens, because of their vivid life.


    When I see pictures and presentations on cats, I mostly see their pet life. But they have a mysterious-beautiful life when they are out in open. When they feel free, playing among themselves,  learning to crawl, learning to camouflage in green grass. That’s when I see a ‘Cat family’ in them.