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    The Wanderlust

    The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 3

    Div(An Island) or Diu, it’s unbelievable how Portuguese colonized it for so long, but this is a place, to stop your pace of life. Island of Calm(Ilha de Calma), that’s what tourism department says. You must have seen it’s very impressive advert on TV or youtube. They have put astonishingly impressive video featuring all the places around this Island. This place has got serenity. So visit it before its crowded by tourists, just like Goa.
    Horizon diminishing across Nagoa beach

    “Ilha De Calma” or Island Of Calm

    Diu has alcohol legal contrary to Gujrat. Gujjus come here to quench their thirst. It gives you a glimpse of Arabian sea which is more calm than east coast of India. It’s amazing feeling to know you have nothing in between you and Africa, except the Arabian Sea. If you want to experience the luxury of life, that too at a very small cost, feast on the Apna-foodland and watch a sailors life just on the connecting shore, where they anchor their ships and do daily chores.
  • The Wanderlust

    The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 1

    कहते है भ्रमण भ्रम मिटाता है। आपके उलझे सवालों के सुलझे जवाब देता है It helps you come out of your vicious circle, which gives you more questions than answers. ये केवल…