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    The Wanderlust

    The Wanderlust: Champawat(Chamba)

    I always had this exquisite feeling about Chamba, glimpses of it always traversed the corners of my mind. Pictures of high grasslands, where Gaddi moved their flocks of sheep; beautiful people living their life in most cultured way; hills echoed in their beautiful mountain music, and much more which I think any Himachali would have experienced. It’s simply because it has always been a symbol of very an ancient Himachali culture, be it’s songs, folklore or beautiful people.

    Chamba, one of the twelve districts of Himachal Pradesh located in very north of it, touching Punjab in West, Kashmir in North and Kangra in South east. It is confluence of influences of all these rich cultures, which is very conspicuously reflected in it’s ow n heritage. I have had chance to visit Chamba recently, though it was not an elaborate one, but I do want to share what I felt and observed.

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    • We woke-up in a fresh snowy morning in Chamba, for me it was unique, because I had never experienced this much  snowfall in my life.
    • I was very much fascinated by the whiteness and I loved this whole white fuzz around. It’s amazing how a thick white layer of glittering crystals takes a place, very close to heaven.

    “बर्फ का धरती पर आगमन बहुत खास होता है, बर्फ की एक लंबी सफेद चादर, पत्तों से बर्फ के सिरकने की आवाज़, ताज़ा बरफ़ पर पाँव का धँसना, एक बहुत ही खुशनुमा एहसास की उत्पत्ति करता है!” Continue Reading