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    The Wanderlust

    The Wanderlust: Ahmedabad, Gir & Diu, Part: 2


    GIR…probably the best maintained Jungle in India; one and only home for both Asiatic lions and Indian leopards. They have increased the lion population from almost extincted two figures to 411. Do make sure you get the morning safari as its the best time to spot wild life, or you got to have a luck like us, because we were exceptionally fortunate to spot both lion and leopard.

    Interestingly the lions once thrived up-to Greece. They are different from African lions. Difference are, the lesser prominent mane on male, the dangling skin below their bally and the most important, their social behavior. They keep smaller herds with lesser population and a short spree of male. My luck with feline worked. यूँ तो सिंह जंगल के राजा है and Asiatic lion is special and rare at the same time. But what makes spotting Indian leopard memorable is its shyness, its sheer agility, it being quickest mammal in jungle.

    उसका दो क्षण के स्वरूप का व्याख्यान पूरी किताब भर सकता है।

    उसकी लंबी पूंछ जो की उसका संतुलन बनाती है। When we saw him, his dark spots were still visible on it’s dirt ridden body. उसका उज्ज्वलित स्वरूप जो की रह रह कर झाड़ियों में ओझल हो रहा था। ये कुछ ऐसे विन्ह्गम द्रिश्य थे जो की मैं कभी भूल नही सकता।

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