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Photoshop tricks: Best blur effect on your subjects

Ever since I started working on Fashion or more complicated assignments, I realized how important is Blur effects. But I faced a lot of challenges while using them. Eventually I am coming out of the torubles slowly and slowly. So I am listing tricks you can use.

  • If you want to blue your backgroud uniformly throughout, then select subject which you don’t want to blur and then select none in source of Depth Map.

Model: Sushmita Singh

  • Also I will advise you to use Select and Mask tools to smoothly select subject before applying blur, so that it doesn’t look like a cutout from newspaper.
  • For a layered blur effect, select your subject and then use Select and Mask for making a smooth selection.
  • Reverse your selection(the most important thing).
  • Now choose Tilt Shift from Blur Gallery. And apply your effect.



Please do let me know if you’ve any suggestion and better comments.

And do checkout the beautiful model Sushmita on her FB and Youtube accounts.


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