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Most important factors to consider before you actually buy a photography backdrop

Doing research online for product reviews and experience is one of the essential things nowadays. Gone are those days when you land up at selling-place to get the recommendation and actually wooed by their marketing skills. But one thing I found missing in inline reviews is the honest experiences(especially the bad ones) and the mistakes you commit after buying them.

My intention to write these articles or guides is to share the most honest experiences and learnings, be it bad or good.

Who am I?

I am a Photo-engineer, surfing my life on both edges. In recent years I started shooting Fashion along with portraits and landscapes(whenever I can).

Backdrops or sweeps are something that transforms your subject to your dramatic visualizations. Be it catalog, dramatic, moody, professionals or classic theme a perfect choreography of lights with backdrops can do magic.

A brand shoot picture on Gray savage backdrop with one light(Model:@vini_the_varun, Brand:@cocoonkapas)

I shoot with Gray backdrops and there are several reasons for that:

  • Gray is neutral, it lets other colors breathe.
  • The camera sees the world gray.
  • Minimum chances for metering errors
  • Most generic option for all types of work
  • Darken the background and see your classic portraits.


So following is the key factors while choosing your sweep:

  • Type of work you are going do like if its just portraits, 4.5 feet width is enough, for generic assignments, 6 feet is good enough(if you are able to get it)
  • Mobility(if you will be shooting at client locations or just in your studio), go for 9 feet if you are going be home all time, will be a more versatile option. For on the move option 4.5 feet is good, easily adjustable in cars.
  • Mounts and pulleys for permanent setups.
  • Type of stuff(Paper sweep is most affordable and effective for most of the cases.)
  • Brand factor(Don’t go for cheap brands. It will pinch you bad.)


In addition to the above, if you don’t want to research any further and live around Delhi, Savage is the best option. Please refrain from cheaper ones, it’s going hurt you inch by inch.

Do message me for purchasing options I can name a few.

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