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How to ‘NewPhone’ yourself?


Ever since I have heard “Chasing is fun”, I’ve observed this to be true on multiple occasions. Like journey is half of the fun and the other half as a destination, pre-festival time is all buzz and similarly the excitement of buying a new phone.

Phone is literally the E2O of life.

You spend more time with it than your wife, children or parents. It knows all your secrets. It is basically hacking your life but there is still some time left for an unavoidable Apocalypse.

So, for now, I see it as a smart organ of the human body.




The ‘Great Trade War’ of 21st century

Soon after I started my research, I realized the rules of the game have changed. All metal body, tough skin, the flagships which could take a bullet in; now consumers are not at all interested in them. It has definitely taken over to mind. AI, sleek Glass bodies and larger than life screens have taken over and camera has been threatening the professional cameras like never before.

It, undoubtedly, is the most competitive industry out there and the front-runners are really having a knack to be on top.

Interestingly, there is a paradigm shift from west(US) to east(China) in last decade(Curious Elephant). For Apple, the phone design moves from California to Foxconn(China) in a certain sophisticated way, which actually takes some time to be transformed into real tangible phones. But for Chinese makers it’s just a matter of moving on to different floor or facilities. And it is true that Chinese makers have compromised for profit-building in beginning for getting into a dogfight of mobile market.  So 2$ earning a per set of Mi phones really makes a sense.



The Web-tools for your cellphone search

The Web-tools for your mobile research
I think the first thing you should know before buying a phone is what do you want from it?  A damn good camera phone or a super-gaming claw or a heavenly screen-viewing experience.

For me I wanted a good camera phone and value for money. I was mind-boggled by the reviews and recommendations, but believe me you can still take the charge and utilize good tools available out there. I am listing them here:

GSMArena(Compare specs)
DXOMark(Detailed camera review)
DP Review(Consumer reviews)
Jerryrigeverything(Hardware check and Durability)


Stay alert for the latest news and announcements. Mobile phone industry is having rapid transformations. Usually the best time for buying a phone is after it slows down breathing (6 months after announcement ).


Huawei CLUB

Huawei P30 ProI sunk into Huawei world long before I considered it, I used to listen about how US wants Huawei to succumb to death by stopping its Google services intake. Huawei Mate 30 Pro is biggest in the year but it lacks Google services. This is really cheating for consumers. That is why Huawei P30 Pro is still a true flagship for them.

Shot with new Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei has dropped its price by 10K Indian rupees soon after Mate 30 Pro announcement. Therefore, for me, it became an obvious choice. I will post it’s honest reviews soon.

*All the recommendations and viewpoints provided in the article is personal and can be totally irrelevant for some people.

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    Thanks for suggesting tools to compare several aspects before short listing the device. Did you short listed any other phones with p30?

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