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    Just to keep it alive! A short trip to Kumaun Himalayas(Binsar)

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    And it will last forever(at least my forever). It’s been 15 months since I traveled for my own thing. The utopic dream of always being a traveler was literally gasping. But it happened amidst all those bull***t reasons to stay in the circle of life and not go anywhere out. All these years I’ve realized that nature is my high, especially mountains. This is not for anyone else. Just me. I need to keep breathing for my own highs.


    First realization:

    AC first class in Railway is way better than domestic flights.

    Just like those other dozen times, despite following Solan Standard Time(Being Sleepy, Sloppy and Late like hell), we actually made it.
    Its beginning to seem like, when we(me and my friends) decide about a place or season to travel to, its always opposite to the contemporary young.  When everyone is losing themselves in Goa, we are rising towards the mountains again.


    Light leaks in Binsar sanctuary

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