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BJP, it is! My Daily reading delight.

For all those Indian readers who mistook title for a national party, it is far away from reach of politics. BJP, British journal of photography will be something I will be peeking my eyes into everyday, whenever I can. Till now I have been reading on Time’s light box. And the reason was I wanted to read well decorated language along-with the touch of classic photography. Time has played a vital role in Photography-world ever since the great Life magazine had started.

I followed Lightbox like the everyday ritual. I used to create a list of articles ready in my email draft so that I can read it anywhere and everywhere I get time. It had become like brushing my teeth as I never missed it. I used to keep an offline version of the article for the time, there is no mobile data. I got a lot of photographic literature from these articles. There are some of the articles I can never forget. And I have a made a collection of great lines from these articles.

I can share the link of note if someone needs it.

I came to know about almost all the Photo-world legends from these feeds only. Right from Platoon’s grungy black and white to Lindsey Adler’s super glamorous fashionistas; Martin schoeler’s glam-eyed celeb portraits to ever inspiring Linsey Addarios’s feminine stories, it was all there. LIFE‘s immortal photos(I’ve have the 100 original prints copy now), which inspired the generations of photographers, but sadly Time has stopped feeding Lightbox consistently and I didn’t like it at all. I thought of writing to them but I remember I had written them before they never replied. I am sad and sadness is ubiquitous, like I had to opt for Sony instead of Canon. But  world goes on.

I have it.

There was a time when Time used to give a list of external site’s feeds for photography(PJL). I came to know about the BJP from there only. I liked it’s BBClike touch for photography and language.  For regular tutorial and technological updates I would still stop at sites like FStopper, Petapixel and 500px.

Please do tell if you have a very nice to blog for literature of photography, something you find very organic and can read it with smile on your face.

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